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Current research students 


Brendan Jeffrey, BA Biology, December 2022

Brendan is working on a project examining the importance of the region of mitochondrial genome utilized in the development of eDNA oligos. He is using Four-toed Salamanders (Hemidactylium scutatum) to compare the effectiveness of oligos targeting cytochrome b relative to oligos that recognize other regions of the mitochondrial genome.

Brendan will graduate with a BA in Biology in December 2022 and plans to begin medical school in the Fall of 2023.

Current research students

Abby Fletcher, BA, Biology May 2023

Abby is working on a project developing eDNA oligos for four darter species found in the Kentucky and Cumberland River Drainage: Development of eDNA protocols for detection of four dater (Percidae: Etheostomatinae) species in central Kentucky streams.

Abby plans to begin medical school in the Fall of 2023.


Sara Brewer, BA Biology, May 2024

Sara has assisted with a number of projects and is currently working to develop eDNA oligos for several species of semiaquatic salamanders native to Kentucky:  Development and validation of qPCR assays for use in eDNA detection of three species of semiaquatic salamanders.

Joanne Jung, BA, Biology May 2024

Joanne is working on a project examining the use of different regions of the mitochondrial genome in eDNA detection of darter species found in adjacent drainages. 

Joanne plans to begin her graduate school career in the Fall of 2024.

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